Specific Content


Registration can be made by telephone, internet and visiting 

Obtain the relevant materials of the exhibition, understand the details and requirements of the exhibition

Fill in the Application form for Exhibitors


The Organizing Committee will audit the registration documents in 3 working days


According to the overall progress of the exhibition, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, exhibitors and the organizing committee confirm the area and specific location of the booth.

The principle is to apply first,pay and book in advance.


Set Down

Sign the contract with the organizing committee




After the booth confirmation, 2000 yuan per 24 square meters shall be collected as deposit Within 3 working days,and the deposit will be returned on the same way after the exhibition.

Exhibitors are requested to send copies of bank remittance by post or to the organizing committee for verification.

Request for Information


Get the “Exhibitor Service Guide

Implement the Specific Issues

According to the “Exhibitor Service Guide, the exhibitors can get the supporting services which provided by the organizing committee by submitting all kinds of forms within the specified time.

Exhibitors may contact booth builders, transporters and other service providers recommended by the organizing committee to carry out the preparatory work for the exhibition (exhibitors may also determine other booth builders which are not recommended by the organizing committee. However, these service providers are requested to contact the organizing committee as soon as possible to consult the relevant regulations)

Special decoration of booth which made by exhibitors,site activities and other special requirements should be submitted to the organizing committee in advance


The Preparing

With the exhibitors' business cards, "Exhibitors Contract Book" and a copy of the payment list,The exhibitors  will register at the office of the organizing committee of the Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center at 8: 30-17: 00 on November 10-12, 2015. After the financial confirmation of payment of exhibitors' fees by organizing committee, the exhibitors can obtain the certificate for exhibition and related information.

Special booth builders who need to obtain the certificate for exhibition or apply for overtime ,must contact with Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Service Department (Tel.: 0577-88135173 / 88135127)

The person who carries with the certificate for exhibition is allowed entry to the area to arrange the booth by the exhibition security department.

The Exhibition


Exhibitors carry with exhibits on display on October 25-28,2018

The organizing committee provides the exhibitors for the catalogue.


Exhibitors leave the pavilion within the time specified by the organizing committee in advance

After the Exhibition

The organizing committee provides exhibitors with post exhibition report and other relevant materials

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